Acqua e sostenibilità negli approcci educativi

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Si terrà a Berlino dal 13 al 22 marzo un workshop di formazione dal titolo: Acqua e sostenibilità negli approcci educativi, rivolto a addetti ai lavori del settore dell'educazione alla sostenibilità e studenti che si stanno formando per lavorare nel campo. Il workshop nasce dalla partnership del Centro Antartide con OBUK e con altri partner della Romania e del Portogallo nel contesto del programma europeo Erasmus+: il costo del corso, che include vitto, alloggio e spese di viaggio, ammonta a 100 euro. Un corso intensivo per familiarizzare con le diverse metodologie educative sui tema legati all'uso dell'acqua in relazione alla sostenibilità.


Qui tutte le informazioni:

Call for participants from Germany, Romania, Portugal and Italy

Training workshop: Water & Sustainability in Educational Approaches

from 13.-22.March 2015 in Berlin/Germany

We expect participants, who work in non-formal political education with youths/young adults or who want to do this in future.

The content and activities:
Water is an essential resource for every living being. Nevertheless the drinking water resources decreased in the last decades and the pollution of water increased while in many parts of the world water scarcity is a big problem. Effective Concepts of sustainable water consumption are more important than ever. During the training we`ll deal with different ecological, economic, political and social aspects of the topic water.
According to the title "Water and Sustainability in educational approaches" we will learn, try out and evaluate different interactive pedagogical approaches/methods, which enable us to integrate the topic water & sustainability in our future daily pedagogical work. The aim is to sensitize our learners with these attractive methods for this topic and motivate them, to become active by themselves in future.Furthermore we`ll receive background knowledge through inputs and do excursions/ guided tours to different places in Berlin which are connected to water and sustainability.

The Infrastructure:
The training takes place in the seminar-house of the KuBiZ Cultural Center in Berlin. (
Because the implementation is financially supported by the EU Program Erasmus+, the co-payment fee is only between 50-150 Euro (adapted to the individual financial capacities of the participants). The costs for the travelling, accommodation, food and the program are included in this participation fee.
We'll have organic vegetarian food during the Training.
The communication language will be English.

If you're interested in participating, you can directly download the application form, fill it in and send it back to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. .

Förderverein Offene Bildung Umwelt Kultur e.V.
tagungswerk im KuBiZ
Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Sustainable use of water"
Bernkasteler Str. 78
13088 Berlin
Te. (+49) 030 868701519
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