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Water saving

water savingThe Centro Antartide has acted as a pioneer on water saving issues which, year after year, have gained space and attention in public debate as an everlasting emergency, but also as an opportunity for political and administrative innovation.

From the beginning the objective is to spread a new water culture, based on the consciousness that the most precious of natural resources is limited. That its quantity and its quality are strictly related to environment protection. That wasting can be dramatically reduced. The Centro Antartide commitment is to join the education with the actual technical innovation promoting the most effective technologies available.

In these years we have produced researches, communication campaigns, artistic events, exhibitions, contests, meetings with technicians and manufactures, publications, projects involving institutional, economic and social actors aimed at installing aerators and flow regulators on taps and showers.

About water the Centro Antartide way of working has been fully deployed.


forum risparmio idrico

Since 2007 the Centro Antartide is engaged in a new challenge: the promotions and the organisation of the National Forum about Water Saving (Forum Nazionale sul Risparmio e Conservazione della Risorsa Idrica)

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