Sustainable mobility

sustainable mobilityCars aren’t moved by engines only. They are moved by a system of values, by psychology and by people culture. A lot of work has still to be done to make everybody conscious of the need for change and at the same time of the positive meaning of this changing.

New mobility policies and a more rational use of the different means of transport are based on a widespread capability to evaluate them from the points of view of health and environment. It’s hard to modify a deep rooted culture and settled habits, it requires a lot of time and a lot of educational work.

The shift from an unsustainable mobility system to a sustainable one is a real shift in civilisation. To be wide supported it has to be percived as an extraordinary chance to improve cities ad everyday life. A chance to breath a cleaner air, to lower noise, to have a better public transport system, to regaing the plesure to ride a bike and to walk – which are, on top of all, two good way to prevent obesity. An occasion to give children more autonomy, to help old people and handicaps to have a better road experience, to rediscover city centres, and preserve them.

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