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Road safety

road safetyToday road tragedies are drawing more and more attention form public opinion and politicians. That was not the case ten years ago, though casualties were many more. The Centro Antartide has been among the first to spot the importance of educating and communicating in order to improve social and institutional sensibility to this issue. It has thus developed local and national campaigns characterised by a light tone and a wide participation. We have developed positive messages using mainly comics and irony, involving testimonials form culture, sport and entertainment together with many institutions, schools, associations, radios, motorways and private companies.

The Centro Antartide commitment is testified by important awards, first of all the ones assigned by the Head of the Italian Republic Carlo Azelio Ciampi

vacanze coi fiocchi  siamo tutti pedoni

The Centro Antartide promotes the national campaigns "Vacanze coi fiocchi" for road safety in summer and "Siamo tutti pedoni" for the weak road users safety. For more information take a look at the offical sites e

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