Environmental education

environmental educationThe environmental education, both inside and outside schools, plays a fundamental role in developing a new way of thinking, a new relationship with the environment and in acquiring more sustainable habits. The school is a valuable repository of resources that can be shared to solve problems and to spread best practices. The Centro Antartide is committed to assist teachers and to bring out to the whole community activities and projects developed inside schools.

The Centro Antartide is part of the Infea Network of the Emilia-Romagna Region. It develops projects with schools and carries on educational activities on behalf of public and private subjects. The main issues on witch we focus our attention are: urban ecology, air quality, road safety and sustainable mobility, energy and water.

In educational activities the Centro Antartide has adopted a multidisciplinary approach combined with a strong scientific knowledge. We believe that this is the way to arouse interest in students.

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