energyEnergy is what lights our houses after sunset, what heats our shower water, what cooks our delicious food, what cools hot summer air… energy is everywhere in our everyday life.

Turning on the light or opening the hot water tap are gestures so common that we rarely stop to think where the energy we use comes form and how it is produced.

But this is really a big issue. Traditionl energy sources, first of all oil, are becoming more and more expensive, more and more dangerous for climate and enviroment, more and more hard to grab.

That’s why we need new energy source, capable of future. There is no single simple solution, but a set of partial solutions that summed up can cope with energy needs in a sustainable way. The first energy source is energy saving. We must learn to use less energy and to use it wisest if we want to free ourselves from oil slavery. The other energy sources are all the renewable ones.

On these issues the Centro Antartide is working to improve information, to raise consciousness, and to call to action.

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